Welcome to the Fessenden-Bowdon School! We are a small rural district in central North Dakota that combines the two communities of Fessenden and Bowdon. Our mission is to provide educational opportunities that challenge all students as we prepare them for the ever-changing world they live in!

AdvancEd is the national accreditation process that North Dakota uses to evaluate schools to ensure students are receiving an excellent education as we prepare them for careers and college. The goal to develop a growth model and mindset and always strive to make improvements doing what's best for kids! We have reviewed the final report with staff and encourage you to read the report to provide input as well. I am also sharing our School Quality Factors Working Document which is the document we have created in the district to document, monitor, and evaluate student needs. Improvement Plan / School Quality Factors Working Document

The Fessenden-Bowdon School Staff is a fantastic group of individuals that truly love working with kids and providing them the support they need to succeed in life. Please contact me if you have any questions or want to discuss the future of the Fessenden-Bowdon School District.

Mr. Dennis

Below you will find the results of the student, staff and stakeholder surveys we conducted to gather data to analyze as we determine what changes we need to make to better educate the students at the Fessenden-Bowdon School. The staff and stakeholders evaluate the data to help us develop goals in the Improvement Plan / School Quality Factors Working Document. This document is fluid, and changes as needs of the students change.

AdvancED-related Documents