Seniors 2021

Emily Schmitz

"I plan to attend UND to get a degree in physical therapy. I really enjoyed being involved in FFA, Yearbook, Close-Up, Softball, and Volleyball."

- Emily Schmitz

Jaxon Fike

"I plan to attend NDSU to pursue a degree in Ag Economics. My favorite memory is going to Bismarck for LifeSmarts my junior year."

- Jaxon Fike

Madison Jones

"I plan to attend UND and pursue a pre-medical degree. My favorite teacher has been Mr. Locken, because he is always there to help you and does an excellent job at preparing you for your future."

- Madison Jones

Emily Beck

"I plan to attend DSU for Business Administration. My favorite class was POD, because it's really interesting to be taking during an election and pandemic."

- Emily Beck


"I plan to go to college for computer science and get a job as a programmer. My favorite memory was waving at drivers to honk while we ate next to the zoo on a class field trip."

- Mathew Sjoquist

Brianna Fike

"I plan to go to Bismarck State College and major as a Licensed Practical Nurse. My favorite class was anatomy, because it was very interesting to learn about how the body works."

- Brianna Fike


"I plan to attend Bismarck state college for elementary education. My favorite class was Apprenticeship - I love working with children and getting a feel for my upcoming career."

- Alison Peters